In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic our office is changing and updating our
procedures and protocols in order to make sure our office is as safe as
possible. It is our commitment to follow or exceed the guidelines of the CDC,
OSHA and WISHA, and the ADA.

We have a 5 part approach to creating a safe environment for dentistry.

Part 1 - Staff Training - study the following:
Part 2 - Infection Control Processes
   Front Desk
  • Use disinfectant wipes to disinfect doorknobs, chair arms, bathroom faucet, toilet flush
    handle, counters and pens once per hour
  • Give pens to patients after use or wipe them down immediately with disinfectant wipe
  • Magazines, newspapers, books, and toys have been removed from the office
  • Sign posted showing cough etiquette and social distancing
  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Air Filter in reception and front desk area   
   Clinical Areas
  • Medical Grade H13 HEPA Air Filter in each operatory
  • 12 o'clock cabinet door closed for patient treatment
  • Computer and keyboard covered with a plastic bag during aerosol generating procedures.
  • All patients do a pre-procedure rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide rinse.
  • No aerosol generating procedures (Cavitron, handpiece, or air water syringe may not be
    used without high vac suction.
  • Surface disinfectant will be specifically approved for COVID-19 according to this EPA web

Part 3 - Personal Protection Equipment
  • Highest level of mask available (ideally N-95) with face shield will be worn for all aerosol
    generating procedures (cavitron, handpiece, or air water syringe).
  • Type 3 surgical mask will be worn for non-aerosol generating procedures.
  • Face shields are to be worn over glasses, loupes and mask.
  • All clinical staff wear scrubs that are laundered in the office daily. Wear clothes to the
    office, then change into scrubs at the office. After work change out of scrubs, back to
    street clothes to wear home.
  • Wear lab coat over scrubs. Lab coats are changed when soiled or at the end of the day,
    and are laundered in the office daily.
  • All clinical staff will wear street shoes to work, change in to work shoes, and then change
    into street shoes to go home.      

Part 4 - Staff Screening
  • Staff members are required to stay home from work if they have any COVID-19 symptoms
    (fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, or changes to taste or smell).
  • Every morning each staff member takes their temperature and signs off on health
  • Every staff member must remain vigilant to the development of any COVID-19 symptoms
    throughout the day and report any symptoms immediately.

Part 5 - Patient Appointment Process
  • We will only see patients who do not have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Lighthouse sends out text/email appointment reminders with a link to COVID-19
    screening, instructions and information.
  • Patients call when they arrive from their car and the staff will ask phone screening COVID-
    19 questions.  Any positive responses to COVID-19 symptoms and the patient will be
  • When the clinical staff is ready to seat the patient, we will call the patient and invite them
  • Only one patient will be invited inside at a time. No patients will sit in the reception area
    unless they do not have a car to wait in (for example if someone arrives by bus)
  • Clinical staff will take patient's temperature before seating the patient. If the temperature
    is over 100.4 F the patient will be rescheduled.
  • No guests will be allowed with the patients in the operatories or in the reception area
    (exceptions would include parents of minors or people helping disabled or elderly
    patients). Any guests accompanying patients will be asked the same screening questions
    and have their temperature taken.
Comprehensive Plan
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