1000 Smiles Humanitarian Dental
Project ~ Jamaica 2005
From November 24 to December 12, 2005, Judson A.
Werner, DDS, and his wife, Amelie, traveled to
Jamaica to participate in a humanitarian dental
project.  Along with 30 other volunteers, they treated
over 1000 patients and provided over a million dollars
worth of dental care.  An education group comprised
of volunteers also traveled to schools throughout
Hanover Parish in Jamaica, and educated thousands
of Jamaican children on dental care.

The 1000 Smiles Project is an annual collaboration
between Dr. Sherwin Shinn's, International Smile
Power Foundation, and Great Shape, Inc.  

Smile Power provides dental healthcare, supplies
and education to underserved people all over the
world, enabling them to become independently healthy.

Great Shape is an international social service
organization that partners with various Jamaican
schools and other organizations to provide
empowering assistance to Jamaican children in need.
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